Overnight on Pacific Crest Trail

(1/19/11) Photos: Mike Brostoff and Jeff Cuevas

On day one they started at the trail head located on a KOA campground. This trip which covered the Vasquez Rocks area, had beautiful contours and shadows on the range, which photos did not do justice. The weather was nice, though not as warm as the Santa Ana heat that hit the cities that weekend.

Later Saturday they stopped at Sweet Water Cafe in Agua Dulce. It's always nice in the middle of a backpack to come across a cafe.

Camp that night was under power lines, on the edge of town adjacent to a junk yard littered mostly with beer cans and bottles, the most interesting artifact being a rusty old car door. Not ideal, but decent enough to sleep. Since it was a dry camp, they carried water into camp, which they got in town 1.5 miles prior to camp.

During the weekend journey, they crossed the Metro link crossing and also the tunnel that went under Highway 14, which interestingly was similar in shape to the PCT emblem. There was actually a line of folks waiting to enter the tunnel crossing the 14.

During the epic PCT journey from Mexico to Canada, its always a very welcoming moment when you see the PCT sign, especially when you fear that you were on the wrong trail. This trip was no exception.

Just across the street from the end point of the Vasquez Rocks Backpack is where the next leg of the PCT begins in two weeks.