Day hike to Deep Creek Hot Springs

(1/26/11) Photo Credits: Jeff Cuevas

With temperatures soaring into the warm 70's under interesting and beautiful cloud formations on this crisp, clear Saturday in January, it was a perfect day for a hike to Deep Creek Hot Springs. Perfect Pace welcomed several new members with a full house of 14 people for a moderately easy hike above the tree lined Deep Creek River. The river appeared to have more water than usual as sand filled the river bottom in many areas, and places covered with reeds prior were now washed away. There was also one good slide about thirty feet across that everyone had to maneuver over on the trail. Every year, it seems Deep Creek changes, a gentle reminder of Mother Nature's power and our ever changing planet.

It was indeed a popular day to go to Deep Creek Hot Springs with around 60 people gathered at the hot springs. There were lots of women which made some of the guys think twice about going au natural.

One of the highlights of this annual Perfect Pace pilgrimage to the hot springs is feasting on the many culinary delights that they guys bring in. This year's menu included falafels, hummus, veggies, chocolate mousse, meat balls, blintzes, crackers, salsa, pigs in a blanket, mushroom turnovers, and German Bread. Jeff describes one of the most memorable items was the "Fun Dip" Wonka candy (www.candy.org/?p=5).

Everyone pigged out and soaked in the pool closest to the river. Dan and Michael kept taking dips in the freezing river, while the rest tuned out the drunken guys in the next pool up.

The fabulous day finished off with a tailgate party back at the cars before everyone bid each other farewell. Special thanks to Alan for leading such as great trip!