Indians and Cougars and... Sheep, oh my!

(8/3/12) Photos by Brian S.

Four of us arrived the night before the backpack and camped at Borrego Palm Canyon Campground in Anza Borrego State Park so we could sleep versus drive from LA at 4:30a in the morning. Alan and Dan waited patiently for the rest of us to get ourselves together. And then we we're off... The beginning of the hike runs several miles along an old rugged jeep road towards our trailhead at Sheep Canyon.

We took a rest at the Sheep Canyon trailhead. It doesn't look like much from the Sheep Canyon trailhead, but it becomes a steep, green, lush, rugged canyon as you head up. After futile efforts by Hut and his coach Alan in gymnastics training at a wilderness balance beam, we started up the canyon and headed right into the bush. The canyon is rarely hiked and there is virtually no trail except the one we forged and barely visible remnants from past hikers.

Our fearless happy leader led us up the canyon. On the way up we came across several waterfalls and shady grottos. We stopped at one of the coolest ones for lunch. There were bountiful combinations of scrambling and bushwhacking on this hike. After nearly 2 miles that seemed like 8, Alan said we we're close. Some of us snuck in quick naps during the breaks.
We finally reach Sheep Canyon Bowl for the night. Hut and I scrambled up a peak before evening hit for some great 360 views. It's amazing how a foil pan and two duraflame logs can provide hours of warm comfy campfire. Big thanks to Hut and Carlos for volunteering to add 6 pound logs to their packs for the hike up canyon. As we prepared dinner, Hut unveiled special pouches for that night's dinner: homemade Honey Roasted Duck. (he shared!).

The following morning it was back to the bushwhacking for the trip back down the canyon. It was odd that we had to scramble upwards so often to get back down this canyon. Hut hit an agave plant which sent a 1/2" spike deep into his lower leg and then broke off making it very difficult to get at. We stopped for awhile as our surgeons worked to extract this little bitch.

We got out of Sheep Canyon alive and took a group shot of the crew of this desert canyon adventure.