Cruzin Santa Cruz Island

(8/3/12) Photos by Brian S.

The ride between Ventura Harbor and Santa Cruz Island was amazing. A very cool captain stopped engines to watch Humpback whales on our return trip. When we reached the island, we met with the ranger to go over the island rules. Some of us paid attention to the island rules, while some of us paid attention to the young cute blond ranger reading them.

We hiked just 1/2 mile hike from the pier past the visitor center to Scorpion Bay campground for our home that first night. Of course a day hike on this beautiful island was in order after setting up first night's camp. We came across a decades-old abandoned oil rig. There we're wildlife sightings. One was of the Santa Cruz Island Fox. Another one was of day-hiking GLS friends spotted above us about a 3/4 mile away on switchbacks.

Alan lead the way the following morning on a 12 mile hike across the island towards Del Norte camp. We crossed trails with Alan and Tommy on the Island peak for a GLS day Tommy was leading that day. Angela and Hut (with 50 pound backpack from water weight) rolled into camp after a challenging 12 mile roller coaster trek across the island. Our second night's camp at Del Norte, near the island's center was complete with gorgeous ocean views. We relaxed the afternoon with Happy hour at Del Norte camp. Hut took a well-deserved rest. He's 115 lbs and maxed out his backpack to 50 lbs with extra water for the dry camp 12 miles across the island (which he shared with everyone).

One of the highlights of the trip was arriving at Turtle Bay within the Santa Cruz Nature Conservancy, the destination of a day hike. It's an especially beautiful small bay teeming with ocean life.