Roughing it at Joshua Tree

Trip report | Joshua Tree Backpack

(11/21/05) I began to wonder if the group would enjoy this backpack or find it boring. To my relief, everybody loved it. It was one fun backpack trip. ... Read Story


Trip report | Cactus to Clouds Day-hike

(10/29/05) Oct. 22, 4:00 am, fifteen brave people started up the Skyline trail for the Cactus to Clouds event. Twelve continued all the way to the summit. ... Read Story

Desperate Hikers

Trip report | Grand Canyon Rim to Rim Backpack

(10/25/05) I'll admit; I'm hooked on Desperate Housewives. But there certainly is enough drama on these hiking trips to create our own TV series ... Read Story

Braving Cactus to Clouds

Trip report | Cactus to Clouds scout trip

(10/4/05) The hike from the Palm Springs Desert Museum to San Jacinto summit was intense. I thought the Ski Hut trail up Mt. Baldy was steep. ... Read Story

2005 Perfect Pace Gear of the Year Award

Gear review | JetBoil cooking system

(9/27/05) JetBoil wins hands down for the 2005 Perfect Pace Gear of the Year Award. The cooking system is light, fast, dependable, and easy to use ... Read Story

Skinny Dipping Barbie

Trip report | Cowles Mountain / Pool Barbeque

(9/21/05) After a fast clip up Cowles Mountain; margaritas, sunshine, dance tunes, and splashing in the pool set the tone for the rest of the day ... Read Story

On Top of the World

Trip report | Mt. Whitney Backpack / Breast Cancer Fundraiser

(9/12/05) Our mission: delivering a Caring Fore Women bracelet to Mt. Whitney summit as a fundraiser to fight breast cancer. ... Read Story

Adapting at High Altitude

Trip report | San Gorgonio Backpack

(8/24/05) Sometimes even careful planning and preparation cannot prevent things from going wrong in a wilderness outing. ... Read Story

It's Raining Men

Trip report | Red Tahquitz Day-hike

(8/17/05) The weather was perfect as we started our hike up Devil's Slide Trail in the San Jacinto Mountains. Our mission: Finding Red Tahquitz. ... Read Story

Sierra Mountain High

Trip report | Kearsarge Lakes Mt. Gould Backpack

(8/11/05) We almost expected yodelers to appear as we entered the Swiss Alps-like setting of Kearsarge Lakes and Mt. Gould ... Read Story

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