PCT - 14 Arrowhead to Silverwood

Trip report | Deep Creek PCT 14

(6/24/10) Just before reaching the springs, I came across a deranged guy who was stark naked except for a pack, and images of Deliverance flashed across ... Read Story

Fire and Water

Trip report | San Bernardino Mountain PCT 13 Backpack

(6/10/10) "We shall go through fire and through water, yet You have broughtest us out to Lake Arrowhead." Psalms 66.12 ... Read Story

Going Barefoot

Article | Hiking and running barefoot

(6/10/10) It was a joyous and liberating experience. No braces. No shoes. Just my bare feet against the earth. ... Read Story

The Desert Escape

Trip report | PCT 11 Desert Escape Backpack

(10/21/09) How could I miss out on Mike Brostoff leading his first Perfect Pace backpack trip? Of course there was added incentive for me since ... Read Story

Summiting the Matterhorn

Trip report | Labor Day Weekend Matterhorn Backpack 2009

(9/25/09) I have to honestly say that of all the backpacks that I've been on, I found this one to be the most beautiful. ... Read Story

Perfect Pace Lives On

Article | Perfect Pace Stays Open

(9/22/09) The huge outpouring of responses regarding the group's closure has been truly touching. I have gotten so many emails, texts, calls, facebook ... Read Story

Baring My Sole

Article | AIDS Walk and Run

(9/21/09) We're not talking trimming palm fronds and filling pot holes anymore. Human lives are at stake now... many of them friends of mine. ... Read Story

Mt. San Jacinto Backpack 2009

Trip report | Mt. San Jacinto Backpack

(9/17/09) What do you get when you combine a barefoot hiker, a guy in a skirt, a guy in a cape, an ostrich egg, and a light show? Perfect Pace! Hahaha... ... Read Story

San Jacinto Backbone

Trip report | San Jacinto Backbone

(9/17/09) And as you can tell from the first day's pics, we we're having a grand ole happy hour at Cedar Spring Camp. ... Read Story

Perfect Pace Closure

Article | Perfect Pace Closure

(9/16/09) It's with a heavy heart that I have to announce that after four amazing years, Perfect Pace will have its last event October 3, 2009 ... Read Story

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