After the Fire

Trip report | Cuyamaca Day Hike

(4/27/05) It was heart-wrenching walking through the charred forest of the Cuyamaca Mountains. I could only imagine how these trees once stood ... Read Story

Tramping with San Diego Trail Tramps

Trip report | San Diego Trail Tramp's Table Mountain hike

(4/23/05) Sure, half of us may have had our shirts off for this hike, but don't let the name fool you. Tramp or tramping is a New Zealand slang term ... Read Story

Hills Of The Moon Wash

Inspiration | Desert Poem by Nancy Smithwick

(4/15/05) This poem captures the beauty and spiritual energy found in my favorite secret campsite in Anza-Borrego Desert. Published in Bloombury Review ... Read Story

Bizarre Creature Siting

Trip report | Anza-Borrego Sheep Canyon Easter Backpack

(3/28/05) I thought running into the huge rattlesnake earlier that day was an amazing site. But then running into this bizarre looking creature ... Read Story

Mars turning into the Garden Of Eden

Trip report | Death Valley wildflower jeep tour

(3/14/05) On my way to my nephew's first birthday party I took a long detour via Death Valley to not miss out on what experts are calling a ... Read Story

Taking time out to smell the flowers

Trip report | Anza-Borrego Desert wildflower tour

(3/7/05) This is Anza-Borrego's best wildflower display in ten years thanks to all our rain. These pictures were taken along S-2 highway and Coyote Canyon ... Read Story

A Lesson in Humanity

Trip report | Glen's Sheep Canyon Adventure

(2/1/05) I was beginning to think that the wilderness hardly holds true adventure. Mother Nature decided to teach me a lesson ... Read Story

Intimate with the Grand Canyon

Trip report | Grand Canyon Fall 2004

(12/1/04) Viewing the Grand Canyon from the top was breathtaking in itself. But hiking deep into the canyon brought me into a whole new level ... Read Story

Just Get Me To the Trailhead Please

Gear review | BMW X5 off-road

(11/11/04) Okay, so it did get stuck in the sand. All in all, I think the BMW X5 performed fairly well as an off-road vehicle ... Read Story

Cedar Creek Hike

Trip report | Donna & Sue's Cedar Creek Day Hike

(11/4/04) Pictures from the Cedar Creek Hike are now on display. Many thanks to Donna and Sue for the invite and organizing this hike. ... Read Story

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