Believe In Love - Vote No On Prop 8

Article | Believe In Love - Vote No On Prop 8

(11/3/08) How do you begin to describe the happiest day in your life? ... Read Story

To The Top

Trip report | Mt. San Gorgonio day-hike

(9/25/08) The hike went amazingly well. Everybody made it to the top. It was glorious on the summit. I think the wind chill surprised a few of the folks ... Read Story

The Elusive Jean Peak

Trip report | Jean Peak Day-hike

(9/12/08) If you are reading this and wondering if you should try hiking I encourage you to go for it. Hiking is new for me, as are all of these beautiful ... Read Story

Mineral King Backpack with Perfect Pace

Trip report | Mineral King Backpack

(9/10/08) It was the Friday before Labor Day weekend, and it was time for my first backpack with Perfect Pace. Carlos came over at 7:30am and we set off. ... Read Story

A River Runs Through It

Trip report | July 4th Grand Canyon of the Toulumne 2008

(8/22/08) "Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it." Though those words were inspired by Montana's Big Blackfoot River, and ... Read Story

Aye Caramba!

Trip report | Aye Caramba Backpack

(7/14/08) I made it more difficult than necessary when I navigated the group up that afternoon. What can I say... more muscle on these already muscular men ... Read Story

Mt. Laguna --The Off White Party (III Acts)

Trip report | Mt. Laguna Weekend

(6/2/08) The jacuzzi jets pulsing with energy, first two men, then three, and then another, each jockeying for position. ... Read Story

The Mosquito Coast

Trip report | Point Dume / Mugu Peak Day-hike

(4/28/08) It was noontime and Perfect Pace became perfect eats for blood sucking fiends... not lawyers but a thick swarm of mosquitoes. ... Read Story

Boney Ridge

Trip report | Boney Ridge / Serrano Loop Day-hike

(4/10/08) I was excited. Its so nice not having to be leader sometimes. No stress. I felt like I was going on a tour. ... Read Story

Roads. Where we're going we don't need roads.

Trip report | Verdugos Day-hike

(3/29/08) It was easy to see how to tweak an urban hike and do it the Perfect Pace way. ... Read Story

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