Blood, Sweat and Rocks

Trip report | Wonderland of Rock 2008

(3/26/08) The real trip began when I walked into a boulder & bashed my knee. As Andy said, "a Perfect Pace trip doesn't begin until Larry starts bleeding." ... Read Story

Stroking the Cat Tail

Trip report | Sheep Canyon Backpack 2008

(3/25/08) Unlike the unwelcome gouging of the cat's claw, the Sheep Canyon trip just wouldn't be complete without our annual stroking of the cat-tails. ... Read Story

Gotcha Wascly Wabbit

Trip report | Chasing the Rabbit Backpack 2008

(3/4/08) There we're a lot of bones, but it was very tasty. As I licked my chops, like Elmer Fudd after a kill, I said to myself, "Gotcha wascly wabbit". ... Read Story

Let's Get Naked

Trip report | Deep Creek Hot Springs

(1/28/08) I wonder if I'm turning into nudist. I seem to enjoy the opportunities I have to get naked in the outdoors. ... Read Story

Auld Lang Syne

Trip report | Death Valley New Year's Backpack

(1/16/08) What is it about new year's that gives you that feeling of bittersweet? That makes you a little teary-eyed thinking of the best and worst times ... Read Story

Cruzin Santa Cruz Island

Trip report | Santa Cruz Island Backpack

(1/6/08) Fresh after a sumptuous Thanksgiving Dinner, eight Perfect Pace guys met up for the journey to Santa Cruz Island at Ventura Harbor ... Read Story

Losing the Weight

Technique | Exercising lots, but not losing the weight. The answer is diet.

(1/2/08) Well, its that time again... The holidays are over. The new year is here. Suddenly the gym has become crowded. Hello, New Year's resolution. ... Read Story

Sound of Music Video

Inspiration | Glen's rendition of the Sound of Music

(12/31/07) To prove I have no dignity or shame left, I've decided to include it in the gallery menu ... Read Story

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!

| Happy Holidays from Perfect Pace

(12/25/07) Happy Holidays from Perfect Pace! ... Read Story

Hotties One and All

Trip report | Zuma day-hike

(12/4/07) So where do you go when *every* national and state park in SoCal, except one, is closed due to wildfires and/or extreme fire damage? ... Read Story

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