Fairy Tales

Trip report | Santa Monica Mountain Day-hike

(5/9/07) An action-packed day as we meandered through flowers at Point Dume, explored coral reefs, visited Tom's Malibu home, and delighted in a show ... Read Story

Rock Hard

Trip report | Wonderland of Rocks Backpack 2007, Joshua Tree National Park

(4/10/07) A few turned back. Some had panic attacks. Some came out bloody. Buzzards flew overhead. Skeletons revealed themselves. We we're out of water. ... Read Story

Into The Magic

Trip report | Sheep Canyon 2007 Backpack

(3/20/07) If there was any one place I would call my wilderness home away from home, it would be Sheep Canyon ... Read Story


Trip report | Indianhead day-hike 2007

(2/28/07) ...and told them how we hiked Indianhead. They looked at me as if I was nuts. They said the hike is difficult and 'gnarly.' ... Read Story

One Community. One Backyard.

Trip report | Trip Report for San Gabriel Day-hike

(2/23/07) The cities in Southern California just do not seem far away anymore. It just feels like one community. One backyard. ... Read Story

The Rabbit Escapes Us

Trip report | Trip report of Chasing the Rabbit Backpack

(2/12/07) On our way to mile-high, we passed one point of the ridge where the wind brought the temperature down to zero degrees ... Read Story

Jaunt to High Point

Trip report | Day-hike to High Point, Palomar Mountain

(12/14/06) Having been on so many hikes, including the entire Trilogy Challenge, your frame of reference starts changing ... Read Story

The Trilogy Challenge -- Crossing the Finish Line

Trip report | Trilogy Challenge trip report

(11/21/06) The finish line lacked the cheering crowds, the clock, and the overhead banner, but all six who crossed it didn't need it - our race was won. ... Read Story

Firestation 57

Article | Esperanza fire tragedy

(10/28/06) ... but he had this amazing calm demeanor of making me feel like my lame request seemed important... that I was important. ... Read Story


Trip report | Trilogy Challenge I - Mt. Whitney 2006

(9/26/06) Huddled together in this rustic cold, dark cabin, our hearts flamed fiercely. We we're warm. ... Read Story

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