Trip report | Kearsarge Lakes 2006 Backpack

(9/23/06) As Glen described it, it was going to be one of the most beautiful trips for this year. A perfect place for perfect pacers. ... Read Story

Top 10 Ways to Reduce Your Pack Weight

Technique | Reducing backpack weight

(9/11/06) For a backpack trip, it is tempting to pack all our creature comforts or pack all the "Well, I just have to bring this too for safety" items. ... Read Story

Random Acts of Napping

Trip report | Anderson Peak Backpack 2006

(8/30/06) Our backpack through the remote trails on the western San Gorgonio mountains was very peaceful and remote. We barely ran into anyone ... Read Story

Designing the Perfect Pace Logo

Inspiration | Designing the Perfect Pace Logo

(8/30/06) I'm pleased to announce that Perfect Pace now has a logo. I've been playing with different ideas for the logo for the last couple years. ... Read Story

Backpack Meals that Make Sense

Technique | Freezer bag backcountry cooking method

(8/22/06) Picture yourself sipping on a cup of fine cognac after finishing a delicious plate of fettucine alfredo that you cooked from scratch. ... Read Story

A Challenge to the Senses

Trip report | Baden-Powell Day-hike

(8/16/06) Ascending at a leisurely pace, the group was passed for the first time in Perfect Pace history by a sole hiker. Is Glen getting soft? ... Read Story

Going for the Trilogy Challenge Bench Mark

Inspiration | Trilogy Challenge Medals

(8/11/06) Heavy, solid brass medallions engraved by (USGS) with the name and elevation of a mountain top are called "Bench Marks." ... Read Story

Over the Top

Trip report | Yosemite Backpack 2006

(8/1/06) Blowouts and meltdowns and bears ... oh my. Our "Yosemite: the other side of the rainbow" backpack July 4th weekend was one incredible journey. ... Read Story

Discovery: Perfect Pace's first DVD

| Perfect Pace DVD: Discovery

(7/19/06) Finally, be able to watch the Perfect Pace videos in high resolution DVD quality ... Read Story

Ice Cream on Cucamonga

Trip report | Cucamonga Peak 2006 Day-hike

(7/17/06) How many of you remember that Bugs Bunny episode when he and Daffy go on vacation and they "must of took a wrong turn at Cucamonga"? ... Read Story

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