Freedom To Be Ourselves

Inspiration | Brokeback Mountain

(3/3/06) With the Academy Awards coming this weekend, it's hard not thinking once again of Brokeback Mountain. ... Read Story

Discovering the Magic: Sheep Canyon 2006

Trip report | Sheep Canyon Backpack

(2/24/06) The trip was absolutely phenomenal. But why read my boring trip report; the music video captures the trip better than I can ever explain ... Read Story

Gay Outdoorsmen of the Year

Article | Gay Outdoorsmen of the Year

(2/21/06) I'll admit -- I cried when I found out I was awarded third place for Gay Outdoorsmen of the Year by gayoutdoors.com ... Read Story

Exploring Goat Canyon Trestle

Trip report | Goat Canyon Trestle Day-hike

(2/14/06) Mike and I spent a great day together exploring the Goat Canyon Trestle on Saturday. The weather was perfect and the trail was easy to navigate ... Read Story

The Magic of Sheep Canyon

Inspiration | Feeling the essence of Sheep Canyon

(2/6/06) As I'm hopping boulders, squeezing between cactus plants, and scrambling the canyon walls, I'm transcended into a distant memory of my childhood ... Read Story

Roaming through Joshua Tree

Trip report | Joshua Tree Backpack Part II

(1/31/06) While walking a tightrope-thin ridgeline, we noticed our shadows cast on a canyon wall. It was too tempting not to engage in interesting poses ... Read Story

Scouting Goat Canyon

Trip report | Goat Canyon Trestle Scout

(1/19/06) When I heard the distinct sound of galloping, I looked to my left and was awestruck by a herd of Big Horn sheep stopped fifty feet away. ... Read Story


Inspiration | Moments I cherish in 2005

(12/30/05) I cherish ... Read Story

Brokemyback Mountain

Trip report | El Cajon Peak Ascent Day-hike

(12/15/05) 3 of us took spills on this hike and I almost broke my back trying to sit in a broken old truck. El Cajon Mtn should be renamed Brokemyback Mtn. ... Read Story

Everything But Mundane

Trip report | Rabbit Peak Scout Trip

(11/30/05) We scouted the Rabbit Peak hike up to Villager Peak last Sunday and I've got to say, this hike is an unsung beauty. ... Read Story

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